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Just wanted to share our exciting news that so many of you have already experienced! Nicholas has been wearing underwear for 2 weeks! And he’s so happy about it!

Truth be told, I decided to put him back in diapers (they’re much cheaper than pull-ups) and he really did not like that, so after about a week, he announced he wanted to wear underwear and has been dry every day since (with only one accident).

Yippee for me! But he also thinks it’s pretty cool.


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Nicholas has been in potty-training mode for 14 months now! I really thought it would go faster than this, especially because we were using cloth diapers. I’m trying to encourage and support and hope he’s ready to move to underpants soon. We have a picture on the mirror and each time he tells me has to use the toilet (successfully), he gets a sticker. No reward necessary … just the sticker makes him happy enough! Usually, though, it’s me telling him to go every couple of hours or so and he doesn’t collect stickers very quickly.

On occasion when I’ve tried to push for “the change”, it hasn’t done any good and I just ended up being the one who was frustrated and had to clean up all the mess. I imagine it would be more stressful if you have a specific time-line for the change. We’re lucky that we can just let him decide when he’s ready. I’ve been really amazed at the back-and-forth of it all … just when you think he’s well on his way, he suddenly says, “Mummy, I want to be a baby!” and proceeds to poop in his pull-up. Ugh!

Today was a very exciting day – completely dry from sunrise to bedtime!!! That’s a first! With any luck, it may continue!

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Nicholas leans forward while he’s sitting on the toilet, looks inside the bowl, and lets out a great big ROAR! When I asked him why he was doing that, he said quite matter-of-factly, “Mummy, I’m scaring the poop right out of me!”

Toilet training has been an extremely slow process until about 3 weeks ago, when he suddenly decided he wanted to wear underpants instead of diapers. We made the move to pull-ups and he’s been doing really well. Not 100% yet, but getting there. He still forgets to tell us he has to go, but we remind him often and watch for the “holding it” sign. Considering that he’s been able to sit on, and pee in, the regular toilet for over a year and a half, I never thought it would take this long. Gotta say, I get really annoyed by those people who love to flaunt that they did it in only 3 days!

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… describes our potty experience, to a tee.  Not only does each potty session include at least 3 times of jumping up and being reminded to sit down, but he’ll go complete days without wanting to be on it at all, followed by days of wanting to be on it multiple times!  For the most part, he’ll sit on it with every diaper change, with some liquid success, most of the time.  I’m still not pushing it, and if he’s adamant about not using it, that’s fine, too.  I don’t know when he’ll be ready to stop using diapers, but I’m ready when he is.

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Aha … and so it begins.  Mum was visiting earlier this month and heard Nicholas say “poopy” as he was sitting in his high chair.  Without hesitation, she swooped him up, ran down the hall, removed his diaper with one fell swoop and deposited him on the potty.  Much to everyone’s surprise, he finally used it!!!  I don’t know whether it was the excitement of the whole process or what, but he was really pleased with himself, even though it was the tiniest of tinkles!  We made a huge deal out of it, and he’s been using the potty rather steadily ever since.

We’re being careful not to overdo it, though.  We offer the potty with every diaper change (not in between yet, unless he asks for it, specifically) and respect his wishes if he says “not” (remember this comes out as “no-te”).  The introduction of the “royal potty” has been fun – it rewards him when he sits down or actually uses the potty, with a little royal entrance “ta-da-da-da-da-da” sound.  He’s still a bit chubby, so when he squirms around, it also sounds off, because he’s triggered the sensor!  Oh well, he’s getting the point, little by little.  I have training pants on hand in case he’s ready for them, but I don’t think we’re quite there yet.  Pity, because our cloth diapers have finally started to fall apart (not bad, after 5 years of use) and we’re having to replenish our stock (thank goodness for craigslist!).

At the swimming pool the other day, he stopped still, stared at me with such a look of concentration on his face, signed “potty”, and said ever-so-quietly, “bum burp”.  I was laughing too hard to do much about it as he headed back into the pool.  Thank goodness he just meant that he had passed gas, and nothing more!

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Nicholas sometimes asks to sit on the potty, and has for quite a few months now, but doesn’t really like to sit without his diaper on. He’s probably gone diaperless on the potty about half a dozen times, but has yet to actually use it. This morning he was insistent, from the moment he woke up, that he must use the potty … without his diaper. Sounded good to me … it would be great to potty train him while Lucy is away on vacation – daycare would be so much easier without packing a diaper bag. So, pyjamas off (and he put them in the laundry basket, as is our morning ritual – either bed to reuse or laundry basket to wash) and diaper off, he marched into the bathroom and proceeded to straddle the potty, just like Daddy straddles the toilet! Way to go, little man! He didn’t actually do anything, but we talked about it and he explained, “Daddy, potty” (translation: I’m using the potty the same way Daddy does!). Hopefully it won’t be long now until he’s actually potty-trained, but I’m also kind of dreading the accidents along the way. I may not be the tidiest person on the planet, but I don’t like dirty where it shouldn’t be. I don’t really get this, but pee and poo and goop and puke are difficult to stomach, while hand-rinsing poopy diapers is not a problem at all. Go figure!

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I LOOOOVE the diapers we use … Motherease. Nicholas has used them since birth (they’re adjustable, so great for growing kids) and is still using them at 32 inches and 28 lbs (almost 20 months).

You can often find them used on Craigslist or in the Motherease forum (we got a full set, used, from my sister-in-law but did purchase some supplementary ones off Craigslist). You can also buy them at Discount Diapers in Point Grey (also known as K.G. Kid’s) for the same price as online (avoid shipping cost and time). Motherease has a great introductory offer if you want to try them out first.

We have mostly used the One Size diapers, but if you find the Sandy’s diapers, they’re good, too. We’ve used both the Air Flow and Rikki’s Wrap covers and like them both. The Stay-Dry liners are great for those times you know she’ll be in them for a little longer, as it pulls the moisture away from your little one’s skin (it’s made of a wick-away material, like the shirts worn by runners), although it’s polyester, not cotton, so maybe better to try one before you commit to buying too many.

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