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Rock on, dudes! Our amazing little guy was so moved during the Canucks’ run for the Stanley Cup that he composed his own Fan Song. We posted it up to YouTube for friends and family to see.

Lo and behold, it attracted a bit more attention than we ever expected and is now a featured video on the Twisted Sister official website!  Does it get any better than this?!?


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Every month I enter a variety of online contests through all the “mummy” newsletters and websites I belong to … this month it paid off! We heard today that we won the Skuut push bike from Dandelion Kids through the yoyomama monthly contest. It’s a neat concept – no pedals, so the kids learn balance before pedalling. It’s an alternative to training wheels. I’ve wanted one of these styles of bikes for quite some time now. Norco makes the Norco Run Bike, but the Skuut Push Bike is even more eco-friendly as it is constructed mostly of wood.

THANX to yoyomama and Dandelion Kids for this great prize!

Woot, woot ... I'm gonna Skuut!

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What a fantastic holiday!  I was so surprised to enjoy myself.  I have never had any interest in going, even as a kid.  I always assumed it would be a place of excess and gluttony, where everything is 3 times as expensive as necessary.  Thankfully, it was NONE of that!  It really was “the most magical place on earth”.  The only thing I found to be really expensive was the food.  We budget $75 per day for food, but we spent more like $125 per day.

Going with someone who had been there before and knew to go at a quiet time of year and which areas to go to first made it so much easier and fun! Having 5-day passes took a lot of pressure off … we weren’t trying to CRAM as much as possible into a short space of time, so we were able to go to the parks in the morning to play for a few hours, stop for lunch and naps, and return in the afternoon/evening.  It was the most expensive holiday I have ever paid for … at only $4,000 for all 3 of us, thanx to travel rewards from our Visa card … and worth every penny!

Or first day in California was spent in San Diego at SeaWorld – a great park that I would like to visit again. (Aug/09 note: we had Lunch with Shamu and Nicholas still talks about it! He was really taken with the killer whales and loved all their shows. His Shamu Snack Pack (little lunch kit) is often requested.)

Nicholas had a great time with all kinds of rides, including the teacups, Dumbo, Buzz Lightyear, and A Bug’s Land ( he was just 36 inches with his shoes on!), but he also had diarrhoea for most of the trip.  It didn’t appear to slow him down, so we just kept going.  By the 7th day, we decided to try a liquid diet to flush out his system .. and flush it did!  Ask me about the geyser in the restaurant!  As we headed back to the hotel for a rest, he passed out and was as white as a sheet, so we decided to go straight to the hospital.  Blood tests and all later, they were shocked that he was so alert and jovial, considering his “condition”.  They expected signs of dehydration from the tests, but we had obviously learned our lessons well from previous instances and had kept him very well hydrated.  He was a little low on the sugars, which made sense since his diet had been simple liquids for the previous 36 hours, so they gave him some jello and he bounced right back.  Prescription: feed solids to a child with diarrheoa – they’ll get at least some nutrition from what they partially digest than they will from liquids that go straight through them.  It all cleared up within a day or two after that.  Other than that one afternoon at the hospital, our trip was gloriously fun and relaxing and we think we’d like to go again!

Nicholas was afraid of all the characters at first and wouldn’t go anywhere near them, even though Mathias (who knew them all by name) ran straight into their arms for cuddles and photos.  By Day 4, we were a little concerned that he might not get over the fear, but a Character Breakfast cured that.  He suddenly decided that he wanted to hug Minnie Mouse and then he was fine after that with any other characters we saw around the parks.  I so appreciated that!

We will likely go back again. It was the most relaxing holiday I think I’ve had in a very long time (perhaps since I was a kid).

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Recently I posted about how we were getting fame instead of fortune …. well, according to Dane’s calculator, my blog is worth 5 digits! Anyone buying?

My blog is worth $18,629.82.
How much is your blog worth?

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Here’s a cute little website where you can calculate the “walk score” for your neighbourhood.  Mine didn’t fair too well – only 20 out of 100.  I’m not surprised – we live in the suburbs, in a very residential area.

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Just found this great blog on the Gack Ink network, full of great ideas for free!

Free Stuff 4 Kids – http://freestuff4kids.net/

Check it out!

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Wow – what a ride!  I lasted an entire month on the TopMomma.com site – a much better showing than my last time out.  It was fun – try it out!

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