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Nicholas has been in potty-training mode for 14 months now! I really thought it would go faster than this, especially because we were using cloth diapers. I’m trying to encourage and support and hope he’s ready to move to underpants soon. We have a picture on the mirror and each time he tells me has to use the toilet (successfully), he gets a sticker. No reward necessary … just the sticker makes him happy enough! Usually, though, it’s me telling him to go every couple of hours or so and he doesn’t collect stickers very quickly.

On occasion when I’ve tried to push for “the change”, it hasn’t done any good and I just ended up being the one who was frustrated and had to clean up all the mess. I imagine it would be more stressful if you have a specific time-line for the change. We’re lucky that we can just let him decide when he’s ready. I’ve been really amazed at the back-and-forth of it all … just when you think he’s well on his way, he suddenly says, “Mummy, I want to be a baby!” and proceeds to poop in his pull-up. Ugh!

Today was a very exciting day – completely dry from sunrise to bedtime!!! That’s a first! With any luck, it may continue!


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Every month I enter a variety of online contests through all the “mummy” newsletters and websites I belong to … this month it paid off! We heard today that we won the Skuut push bike from Dandelion Kids through the yoyomama monthly contest. It’s a neat concept – no pedals, so the kids learn balance before pedalling. It’s an alternative to training wheels. I’ve wanted one of these styles of bikes for quite some time now. Norco makes the Norco Run Bike, but the Skuut Push Bike is even more eco-friendly as it is constructed mostly of wood.

THANX to yoyomama and Dandelion Kids for this great prize!

Woot, woot ... I'm gonna Skuut!

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Nicholas leans forward while he’s sitting on the toilet, looks inside the bowl, and lets out a great big ROAR! When I asked him why he was doing that, he said quite matter-of-factly, “Mummy, I’m scaring the poop right out of me!”

Toilet training has been an extremely slow process until about 3 weeks ago, when he suddenly decided he wanted to wear underpants instead of diapers. We made the move to pull-ups and he’s been doing really well. Not 100% yet, but getting there. He still forgets to tell us he has to go, but we remind him often and watch for the “holding it” sign. Considering that he’s been able to sit on, and pee in, the regular toilet for over a year and a half, I never thought it would take this long. Gotta say, I get really annoyed by those people who love to flaunt that they did it in only 3 days!

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Nicholas has been weaned. It happened partly by accident, partly on purpose, and with only a little bit of fussing. He was nursing only once, first thing in the morning – a great time for me to slowly wake up because I’m not a morning person. Monday and Tuesday mornings were so hectic, though, that there just wasn’t time – and he was so distracted that he forgot to ask. Wednesday morning, when he asked, I was still feeling ill from the 24-hour bug I had, so I explained…. “it’s all gone – babies drink lechita and you’re not a baby anymore” to which he replied, “bye-bye lechita”. With only a little bit of fussing, he moved on. Just like that. He asked again this morning, had a 2-second cry when I reminded him that he had said good-bye, and then he let it go again. I don’t really know why I told him “no” on Wednesday – it wasn’t planned, it just happened. Just like that, it’s over.

2.5 years seems like a good length of time – I didn’t have pre-conceived ideas of how long it would last – I just figured it would end when it was the right time and I guess now is that time. I’m not sure how I feel right now – a little sad, a little relieved, all at the same time. I really miss the physical closeness of it, but I also appreciate not having to share my body. What a range of emotions!

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Aha … and so it begins.  Mum was visiting earlier this month and heard Nicholas say “poopy” as he was sitting in his high chair.  Without hesitation, she swooped him up, ran down the hall, removed his diaper with one fell swoop and deposited him on the potty.  Much to everyone’s surprise, he finally used it!!!  I don’t know whether it was the excitement of the whole process or what, but he was really pleased with himself, even though it was the tiniest of tinkles!  We made a huge deal out of it, and he’s been using the potty rather steadily ever since.

We’re being careful not to overdo it, though.  We offer the potty with every diaper change (not in between yet, unless he asks for it, specifically) and respect his wishes if he says “not” (remember this comes out as “no-te”).  The introduction of the “royal potty” has been fun – it rewards him when he sits down or actually uses the potty, with a little royal entrance “ta-da-da-da-da-da” sound.  He’s still a bit chubby, so when he squirms around, it also sounds off, because he’s triggered the sensor!  Oh well, he’s getting the point, little by little.  I have training pants on hand in case he’s ready for them, but I don’t think we’re quite there yet.  Pity, because our cloth diapers have finally started to fall apart (not bad, after 5 years of use) and we’re having to replenish our stock (thank goodness for craigslist!).

At the swimming pool the other day, he stopped still, stared at me with such a look of concentration on his face, signed “potty”, and said ever-so-quietly, “bum burp”.  I was laughing too hard to do much about it as he headed back into the pool.  Thank goodness he just meant that he had passed gas, and nothing more!

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Kids develop at such different rates when they are this young, so I wasn’t completely surprised to hear some of Nicholas’ peers talking in full sentences recently, when he can say very few words (except, of course, his absolute favourites … baseball and basketball). Imagine my surprise, though, when I stumbled across this article about a 17-month-old girl who can not only speak many words, but actually READ them! People are often impressed by Nicholas’ ability to communicate in 3 languages (English, Spanish, and ASL), but that really takes the cake!

His words have really started to form in the last week – he’s made a huge effort to mimic us, even if he doesn’t have all the consonant sounds yet – he almost always gets the right number of syllables and vowel sounds. “S” is a very difficult sound for him, as well as “F” and “T”. He’s much better with “L” now, though, as he’s been working overtime on the word “ball”. I know repetition is the key, but my goodness I’m tired of hearing that word!

Tooth #13 broke through last Thursday. My last post was a week ago, when I commented on how peaceful it had been to have 2 nights of full sleep. We had one more – 3’s a charm – and then went into 4 nights of horrific sleep. After the first night (Wed), we noticed that his first canine had finally popped through the gums (top left) and assumed that was the source of his discontent. I don’t know for sure now if that’s all it was, or perhaps combined with a cold because he’s been coughing like crazy, but he had 4 nights of fitful sleep, waking me up every 1-2 hours to cuddle or nurse (the cuddling was new – in the past, only nursing would put him back to sleep). Three of the four nights were, of course, while we were visiting my mum to celebrate her retirement and birthday. Our first night back home, he slept right through the night again. Mmmm, sounds like he’s waking up (1:30am) – let’s see if he can settle himself back down again. Oh, well done, little man – that only took 10 seconds! I think he knows to look for his water bottle – I wish I had a video monitor so I could watch at moments like this – such a Curious George!

We visited our favourite Naturopath doctor to have him checked out – this cough has been quite nasty since last week – everything is clear (ears, lungs, etc), but she reminded me to use Vicks on his feet at night and Castor Oil on his abdomen (to stimulate his digestive system which powers the immune system).

Tomorrow Nicholas and I are the presenters at a Baby Talk session (the same one we used to go to ourselves when he was new) to talk about using Sign Language with babies. He’s added “basketball” to his all-day conversation and even managed “I love you” the other day for the first time! I have tried to teach him the one-handed sign, but his fingers can’t get around it, so I tried the three-word sign instead – success. I’m so pleased that he can communicate so well, although I am noticing that he is dropping the signs to opt for the words sometimes (if he can say the word) – perhaps because other people in his life don’t do the sign language with him. When I prompt him to show me the sign, he always does, but spoken word is possibly starting to take over. I hope not because I would really like to keep up with learning ASL with him – I’ll have to make a real effort, because I’m sure it’s easy to get lazy once he’s speaking.

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WOW – 2 nights in a row that he’s slept right through the night!  Can we go for three?  Granted, he went to bed late both nights (9:30-10pm – possibly because of the time Daylight Savings time change), but how amazing to sleep right through to 7:45am yesterday and 8:45am today!  In fact, this morning I woke up to hear him chatting away peacefully and happily to himself (or maybe the stuffed teddy) and drinking his water – no tears … no “maaaa-maaaa” … just peaceful joy.  JOY.  That’s the word he was described with by his music teacher … “he’s such a joyful child”.  He really does find joy in anything and everything.  What fun!

On a side note, I read an article tonight that reinforced for me that long-term breastfeeding is beneficial, especially to reduce the possibility of ADD as the breastmilk is full of fatty acids.

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