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Rock on, dudes! Our amazing little guy was so moved during the Canucks’ run for the Stanley Cup that he composed his own Fan Song. We posted it up to YouTube for friends and family to see.

Lo and behold, it attracted a bit more attention than we ever expected and is now a featured video on the Twisted Sister official website!  Does it get any better than this?!?


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Update at age 4:

– Luzz Bightyear
– My boogie hurts! (When we asked him to explain, he stood up, started dancing, and pointed to his waist/abdomen area.)
– Ohhhhhhhhh, shutternuts! (Used in place of “darn” or “bummer”.)
– I’m NOT four, I’m four and three quarters!
– My body sent an email to my brain to make the house (into) a swimming pool! (His explanation for why he made the bad choice to flood the bathroom.)

Previous kidisms: Kidisms

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He can spell his name! I had no idea! They must have been practising at daycare, but today is the first time I’ve ever heard him even try and he spelled it all, perfectly! I was pretty flabbergasted and so proud of him!

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Just wanted to share our exciting news that so many of you have already experienced! Nicholas has been wearing underwear for 2 weeks! And he’s so happy about it!

Truth be told, I decided to put him back in diapers (they’re much cheaper than pull-ups) and he really did not like that, so after about a week, he announced he wanted to wear underwear and has been dry every day since (with only one accident).

Yippee for me! But he also thinks it’s pretty cool.

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Nicholas has been in potty-training mode for 14 months now! I really thought it would go faster than this, especially because we were using cloth diapers. I’m trying to encourage and support and hope he’s ready to move to underpants soon. We have a picture on the mirror and each time he tells me has to use the toilet (successfully), he gets a sticker. No reward necessary … just the sticker makes him happy enough! Usually, though, it’s me telling him to go every couple of hours or so and he doesn’t collect stickers very quickly.

On occasion when I’ve tried to push for “the change”, it hasn’t done any good and I just ended up being the one who was frustrated and had to clean up all the mess. I imagine it would be more stressful if you have a specific time-line for the change. We’re lucky that we can just let him decide when he’s ready. I’ve been really amazed at the back-and-forth of it all … just when you think he’s well on his way, he suddenly says, “Mummy, I want to be a baby!” and proceeds to poop in his pull-up. Ugh!

Today was a very exciting day – completely dry from sunrise to bedtime!!! That’s a first! With any luck, it may continue!

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Kids say the darndest things! Our little guy has some great lines:

– Are you require assistance?
– Stop tickling – you are annoying me!
– Roarrrr! I am scaring the poop right out of me!
– Awwwwww, my body is tired but my brain is NOT tired!!!
– Mummy, I am a little bit upset with you.
– Something in Daddy’s bathroom is dis-GUS-ting!

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Three separate issues that fall in the “one step forward, one step back” category:

Toilet training really is ridiculously frustrating for those that have it dragged out. We’ve been at it for a year! I followed all the advice of “don’t push it” and yet it is terribly annoying to take a step forward and a step back with such inconsistent consistency! Big moment today … Patrick thought he heard water running in the bathroom, so went to investigate and there was Nicholas on the throne, saying, “I don’t need help, Daddy, I can do it all by myself!” What a proud moment! On the flip side, though, two hours later his pull-up was wet – arrrgh!

Sleep – going well. Although he often fights it, we haven’t experienced anything as horrendous as we did in September. Almost every night he comes out at least once for either a drink of water or a visit to the bathroom. He’s taken to saying, “I come out of my room for only ONE reason!” What a little negotiator he is already! Every night he falls asleep reading a book, which is exactly how I still fall asleep, too.

It’s interesting to see how independent he can be one minute (going toilet by himself) and reverting to infancy in the next. There have been a few times over the last couple of weeks where he has commented that he wants to be a baby. I suppose he recognizes that babies don’t have many responsibilities. Today he even asked me if he could please drink “lechita” again (our word for breastfeeding). Well, it’s been 9 months since he weaned off, so this came as a bit of a shock!. When I explained the lechita is all gone, he was adamant that he could still smell it! Fascinating! I wonder if it is a memory or a real smell for him.

Sign language – something we haven’t done for ages, with any consistency. There are certain signs we still use regularly … out of habit and because I like being able to communicate across a room without yelling, especially when he needs to be disciplined. “Sit down” and “stop” are very effective tools in certain situations! Today he asked me to show him how to sign “OK” – he could do the K all by himself (what a shock!) but needed help understanding how to make the O. I thought it would have been the other way around – go figure! Always surprising us!

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