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Rock on, dudes! Our amazing little guy was so moved during the Canucks’ run for the Stanley Cup that he composed his own Fan Song. We posted it up to YouTube for friends and family to see.

Lo and behold, it attracted a bit more attention than we ever expected and is now a featured video on the Twisted Sister official website!  Does it get any better than this?!?


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We won some hockey tickets back in January for last night’s game against the Detroit Red Wings, so Nicholas saw his first live NHL game at GM Place. He was a little scared by the noise for the first couple of goals, so we put in ear plugs. By the end of the second period, he was used to the noise so he didn’t even need them anymore. Vancouver won 4-1 (thanks to our little good luck charm, Im sure!) Everyone around us was chatting and playing with Nicholas – it was a little tough to focus on the game, to be honest. During the 1st intermission, Fin (the Canucks mascot) came over to visit us, so I got a great photo of Nicholas in his arms fins.

Edit: In case you were wondering, breastfeeding in the tiny little seats at GM Place is not the most comfortable thing I’ve ever done.  Especially when we score a goal mid-meal!

Before the game, we spent some time wandering around Pacific Centre mall downtown. They’ve got a new food court which isn’t nearly as nice as their old one, but the ladies’ washroom has a great nursing room with comfy chairs and a well-thought-out counter for changing baby’s diaper. The sink and paper towels are within reach of the change table. It’s the little things that make the difference, eh?! They also provide diapers and wipes, if you need them.

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